1 Month Workout Plan for Beginners



Beginner’s Workout Plan for those who has never trained, never been in a gym or has not worked out in a long time. This will be the first step on your way to a new and improved body!

You don’t need a gym for this workout – yes, you can workout in the privacy of your home so you’re free to sweat and bring the house down with your favorite workout songs!

I recommend to choose Beginner’s Workout Program with any weight training goal (losing fat, building muscle, increasing strength etc.).

Beginner’s Program includes:

    • 4 Week Strength Training Program (gym or home)
    • 4 Week Cardio Training Program
    • Tips for a Better Workout – PDF
    • Email Support
    • Tracking Progress tips & Progress Tracker – PDF

Proper nutrition is very important if you want to achieve maximum results. Nutrition plan together with exercise routine will help you get the body you want!

So if you’re seriously looking for maximum results, please check out my Nutrition and Workout Plan’s Packages where Meal plan is included!