Watermelon Banana Ice Cream – Dairy Free

Watermelon Banana Ice Cream – Dairy Free – so simple to make. Only 3 ingredients!


2 Serves
400 g frozen watermelon cubes
1 large banana (approx.120 g) (frozen)
100 ml soy milk (I used sweetened)


Put all ingredients to the food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. That’s it!
You can use also a blender instead of food processor – right this time I actually use a blender not food processor so it should be fine.

Nutritional information (1 Serve):
140 Cal, Protein -7 g, Carbs – 64 g, Fat – 2.7 g

You will get 50% recommended daily amount of vitamin A by eating one serve of watermelon – banana ice cream.