Fitness Competition Preparation

So, if you’re thinking of competing as a Fitness, Bikini or Figure Model as 100% plant based athlete, you are in the right place! If your competition is after 3-4 months, you definitely will have enough time to get ready for a show! I offer two programs: 12 and 16 weeks, depending on how much body fat percentage you have.

Each Program includes PLANT BASED SHAPE Facebook Private Group access so you will get support as well as your Fitness and Contest Prep questions answered.  In this private group you could inspire each other by sharing your progress, pictures, trainings etc. You will get motivated from Start to Finish! Are you ready to jump in?


Are you Ready to hit the Stage in the best Shape of your Life?

After payment has been made via PayPal, I personally will contact you and send you the QUESTION Form - you will be required to fill it out and submit it back to me. It will take up to 7 days (it depends on the package you choose) for your personalized program to be created and sent to you!