Sintia Katkevica

Hi guys! Welcome to! My name is Sintia Katkevica. I am a Professional Fitness Trainer and Plant-Based Nutritionist.
ISSA Elite Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
NCCA Accredited Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (International Sports Sciences Association)
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition (T.Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies)
Corrective Exercise Specialist (International Sports Sciences Association)
ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist COACH
Professional Fitness Model
  • Professional Natural athlete in the WFF /WBBF (World Fitness Federation/ World Body Building Federation)
  • 2x World Champion Pro 2016 and 2018, Figure Classic
  • 3x World Champion (2015, Spring – Autumn 2016) Fitness Model, Figure Classic
  • Plant based athlete since 2015
  • Fitness athlete since 2012

Early Stages

I have always been physically active – I always loved running and I never skipped gym class at school.

But my real journey into fitness started 4 years ago when my son became 2 months old. It was then when I had my first weight training which I really liked, and I wanted to go forward and train more and more. Actually, my goal was to gain the body of a fitness model so that I could look like those models that compete in bodybuilding competitions.

After a few months I found a personal trainer who helped me build my body in the way I wanted. I was learning fast as I was so excited for the results I started seeing. I started to train by myself with a training program designed by my trainer.

Several months later I realized that I would like to enter a fitness competition, so I started training more, doing more cardio and eating ‘right’.

Career Start

My first competition was in autumn 2014. I was competing in the IFBB – the results were shocking and I won 3rd place in the Bikini Fitness category and 2nd place in the Body Fitness category. The results were pushing me forward.

Just one year later I became a Fitness Model Pro – I won the first place in the WBBF/WFF World Championship 2015. It’s like a dream come true for everyone involved in the fitness industry!

Interestingly, I saw the most success after I became a 100% vegan (plant based) athlete. Not even a year went by after sticking with the plant based diet when I was titled the World Fitness champion!

As a vegan, it was very challenging to prepare for the competition. But, as soon as I started to see the results and notice that you can also burn a percentage of fat with consuming a lot of carbohydrates, I became a 100% convinced that I was on the right path.

I can now say with confidence that this is the healthiest way to prepare for a fitness competition, because a lot of carbohydrates, as well as enough protein and fat are consumed every day. This is a balanced diet, avoiding overconsumption of protein, which is definitely not good for the body. And, following the plant based diet gets rid of bloating and cellulite, improves skin conditions, and overall leaves you feeling lively and energized.

Not only are we improving our health – we’re also promoting animal welfare: by becoming vegan, innocent animals are no longer tortured and killed because of you. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re helping to others – overall, a win-win situation.

It has now been 2 years since I became a vegan, and throughout these years I have been competing in 5 different federations and different categories so I have my own experience and opinion about this industry.

List of Competitions

Year 2018, Autumn Season


  • WFF-WBBF World PRO Championship 2018  – Champion, category Figure Classic
  • Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship (INBA) Latvia 2018 – Champion, category Figure

Year 2016, Autumn Season


  • WFF-WBBF World Grand Prix 2016 Germany – Champion, category Figure Classic
  • WFF-WBBF World AM Championship 2016 – Champion, category Figure Classic
  • WFF-WBBF World PRO Championship 2016 Amber Prix “Olympia” – Champion, category Figure Classic
  • European Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship (INBA) 2016 – 4th place, category Sports Model

Year 2016, Spring Season


  • WFF-WBBF 49-th “Amber Prix International” – Vicechampion, category Fitness Figure

Year 2015, Autumn Season


  • 40th WFF-WBBF Lithuania Cup Open 2015 – Absolute Champion – 1st place category Women Bodybuilding, Overall Winner
  • WFF-WBBF World Amateur Cup 2015 – Champion, category Fitness Model
  • WFF-WBBF World AM Championship 2015 – World Champion, category Fitness Model
  • WFF-WBBF World Pro Championship „Amber Prix OLYMPIA“ 2015 – Vicechampion, category Fitness Model

Year 2015, Spring Season


  • 2015 WFF-WBBF Europe Championship and the 16-th „Universe“ Contest – 3rd place, category Classic Bodybuilding
  • NAC Latvia Open Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup 2015 – Vicechampion, category Shape
  • NAC Vilnius Cup Open 2015 – 6th place, category Figure
  • NAC Lietuvos kultūrizmo čempionatas 2015/Shape Category/
  • WBFF Paul Dillett’s Danish Fitness and Fashion Show 2015 – 5th place, category Fitness Diva
  • WBFF Paul Dillett’s Danish Fitness and Fashion Show 2015 – Top5, Transformation Category

Year 2014, Autumn Season

  • IFBB International Latvian Cup “Riga. Pearl 2014” – Vicechampion, category Bodyfitness
  • IFBB International Latvian Cup “Riga. Pearl 2014” – 3rd place, category Bikini Fitness
  • IFBB Savickas Classic 2014 – 6th place, category Bikini Fitness

My Certificates

ISSA Elite Trainer

ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist COACH

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition


Adult CPR/AED Standart First Aid

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions