Drinking Celery Juice for 4 weeks

celery_juice_2_sintia-katkevicaDrinking Celery Juice for 4 weeks-  The 28 Day Healing Cleanse. Celery juice is all over Instagram, the latest trend and the latest health drink offering so many health benefits – anti inflammation, helps with acid reflux, acne, eczema, helps with fatigue and so on.

Drinking a glass of celery juice each morning on the empty stomach is the latest fad that has taken over Instagram feeds — if you look up the tag #celeryjuice, #celeryjuicechallenge on Instagram, you’ll find more than 100,000 posts.  Basically, if you try to find more info about the celery juice, you will actually really start to thing that it’s a “miracle” juice. So does it really give all of these promises? I wanted to try it out for myself.

The celery “movement” started with Anthony William, “the Medical Medium,”. He is an author of three New York Times bestselling books on natural food cures. Anthony William mentions drinking celery juice 16 ounces first thing in the morning in all of his books. He
he confidently says what benefits you can get of drinking celery juice – gut health, clearing skin, fighting cancer and more.

I drank celery juice every day for 4 weeks – here’s what happened

Week 1 (Day 1 – Day 7) – it was the first time that I drank celery juice. The smell and taste of celery is not easy to get rid of but actually after day 3 you just get used to the taste and it’s ok. The taste of the juice didn’t become better as I said you just get used to it. And if anyone tells you otherwise, they most likely like the taste of strong celery. But it is not delicious green drink. Surprisingly on the day 4 I experienced stomach pain. I have read about this symptom and thought that it’s normal and can mean that I had bacteria in my digestive system. “Medical Medium” says that it could be so: “many peoples stomachs are filled with bacteria such as E. Coli, Streptococcus and H. Pylori. These bacteria die off rapidly which can prompt a spasm, that can be temporarily painful.”

celery_juice_2_sintia-katkevicaWeek 2 (Day 8 – Day 14) – I started to have more energy in the mornings, my mood was lifting as well. Maybe it wasn’t from the celery juice as the days started to get lighter and we got more sun light during the day. And sun exposure is by far the best way to boost vitamin D level which gives us more energy as well. In this period I had the bad experience drinking celery juice. The juice were dark green and the taste of the juice was bitter. I have read that the leaves can bring some bitterness to the juice. But the juice the juice was not drinkable so I just try to sip it and that’s it.

Week 3 (Day 15- Day 21) – I drank celery juice every morning but to be honest I started to feel a bit tired of this morning ritual – I have to wake up 15 min earlier – there are day that I woke up 5:45 AM, I have to wash the celery stalks, cut them in to pieces, cleaning up the juicer and so on…and as have not felt the magic benefits, this all starts to become bothersome..

Week 4 (Day 22- Day 28) – this week I experienced again the bitter taste of the celery juice. I was not fun. I have skipped 2 days of drinking celery juice due to poor shopping planning.However I wanted to continue this journey and drink celery juice for all 28 days. So I continiued to drink celery juice in the morning and again – after 3 days I had the same feeling about the stomach pain – it was so bad that I even didn’t wanted to continue and actually it was the last day that I drank it (it was Day 30 or Day 28 if we count all celery juice drinings in the morning from the day 1).
One more thing that I found out this week was celery price increase – from 1.20 EUR to 1.90 EUR at the same shop! It was surprising – if then I have spend about 30-40 EUR per month buying celeries then now I have to spend 70 EUR – it’s almost double!

My summary

Celery juice isn’t magic drink and is not any better or worse than other vegetable juice. Celery juice contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus but other vegetable juice contains also vitamins and minerals for example, drinking 200 ml carrot juice you will get vitamin A, C, E, K, B and minerals magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc and others. So you can see that there are no sharp differences..
And the most important part of all of this is that the author of all this celery juice hype Anthony William has no medical license or nutrition certifications (his website has a disclaimer about this). But he’s amassed a following for his holistic approach and the belief that he has the ability to “read” people’s medical diagnoses and provide guidance on how to recover (hence the name Medical Medium).

Have you ever tried the celery juice?