1 Month Meal & Workout Plan for Beginners



1 Month Meal & Workout Plan for Beginners

Are you ready to transit to Plant Based Diet and don’t know where to start?

If you’re thinking not only about “right” and “clean” Eating but want to start first steps in Fitness, you are in the right place now! Meal & Workout Plan is for you!

Have not worked out in a long time? Have never been in a gym? Have never trained? Remember, everyone starts somewhere! Are you ready to create a new you? Let’s go!

This Program is for those who want to get Personalized Meal Plan as well as Workout Plan. Yes, combined Program with right, healthy eating and working out!

What you will get:


Personalized Meal Plan which is going to be without dietary needs (weight loss, weight gain etc.) but still personalized – based on that you working out, your food likes or dislikes, any allergies you have etc.

Workout Program – Beginner Weight/Strength Training Workout (all muscles groups will be targeted).

No gym access required

Personalized Meal & Macro Plan includes:

  • 4 Meals per Day + Snacks
  • Quick and easy and delicious clean eating recipes
  • Shopping List
  • GI (Glycemic Index) Chart
  • + Tracking Progress tips & Progress Tracker – PDF

Workout Plan which includes:

  • 4 Week Weight Training + Cardio Program
  • Tips for a Better Workout – PDF
  • Facebook Private Group access
  • Email Support