Superfood Hemp Protein Bars

Superfood Hemp Protein Bars contain enough calories to provide a lot of energy that lasts for several hours, and even contain a relatively high amount of hemp and oat protein.

These bars are a great choice for travels or days when having full meals is going to be difficult. They are easy to bring with you in your bag and have a snack whenever you’re craving something sweet.


100 g sprouted wheat grains
20 g dried goji berries
200 g oat flakes
10 g chia seeds
30 g raisins
300 ml eco soy milk
60 g organic peanut butter
20 g stevia
50 g hemp protein


Ground up the wheat grains, oat flakes and goji berries using a coffee grinder. Grains and flakes should be ground separately from the berries. Add soy milk to the ground ingredients, and add all of the other ingredients (raisins and chia seeds are not ground). You’ll get a very thick and dense texture. Place the texture on parchment paper in a rectangular form and try to smooth out. You can bake it for 15 minutes, or you can simply leave it in the fridge. I chose to bake it and cut it into smaller pieces after it cooled down.
And so, your hemp protein bars are ready! They are not too sweet however, so if you’re craving sweets I suggest adding either more stevia or a naturally sweet syrup.

Nutritional facts per 100 grams:
247 Kcal, Protein -15 g, Carbs -30 g, Fat -8.6 g