Importance of Drinking Water During Exercise

Importance of Drinking Water During Exercise  – drinking water is extremely important while exercising as it helps maintain strength, endurance and protects again dehydration.

It is absolutely crucial to have water or some other kind of drink while training. I personally like to keep hydrated with clean, still water, but there is also a variety of fitness drinks that contain carbohydrates. Fitness drinks are easy to make at home – just squeeze some fruit juice, for instance orange juice, dilute with water – and you’ re done! These drinks are great during and after workouts to restore energy levels.

Why is it important to keep hydrated during a workout?

You do not have to drink copious amounts of water during workouts, and there actually is not specific amount of water you should consume while working out. It depends on how you feel. It would be best to have small sips of water in between strength exercises. The same goes for cardio exercises – have a sip of water during training if you want to and drink plenty of water post workout.

It’s a must to hydrate if your mouth feels dry! Dry mouth indicates that the body has lost a lot of water and is starting to dehydrate. It also means that your bodily capacity has decreased by 10%.

You should consume at least 2 liters of clean water per day, but you will probably exceed this amount on your gym days. I personally have at least 750 ml during training only. I highly recommend buying a BPA-free water bottle (for online shopping use keywords “stainless steel sport bottle”, etc.) to avoid buying bottled water at the store – you never know how long and in what temperature it has been sitting there. These types of water bottles are available in fitness shops or online.