How to Get Motivated to Work Out

How to Get Motivated to Work Out? Motivation to work out – why is it important? Is self-motivation enough?

In fitness, motivation is extremely important from the very beginning and throughout. By motivating yourself regularly you can maintain your willpower and are able to reach your goals.

You can most easily get motivated because of an athlete that you love and would want to be like. By that I mean that you would like to reach the highest goals like she does, and have similar visual characteristics like body shape, etc. By frequently following your fitness idol you will motivate yourself as you will see their videos, photos, healthy advice and diet.

I personally recommend following athletes of specific sports when preparing for a competition. Well, it is also great to do it before the preparations – I am always interested in their experience, exercises, diet and so on. But we all know there are just some days where you cannot push yourself to go to the gym – you just can’t. And on those days any bit of inspiration really helps to get motivated. And the feeling after is simply amazing (I sometimes think to myself- how could I even think of not going?)!!

Be your own motivation!

Develop a plan – take pictures of yourself regularly, take your measurements, for instance, every other week, and slowly increase the load on your weights. And – this is very important – always write down the weights you used during exercise to stay on track and reach your goal. Set a goal for yourself, for instance, one deadlift squat with a 70 kg weight (only try this with a professional, never by yourself. This is just an example!), or 10 pull-ups, etc.

Where to get some inspiration?

Look at the professionals such as bikini fitness models (search with keywords “bikini fitness model pro”) or other inspiring superstar athletes – for instance, mothers with great fitness careers, etc. You can follow many of them on their Facebook or Instagram pages.
In addition, a great motivator would also be a great trainer who has had considerable achievements during his career (participation and great results in some sort of competition in his field), and one who can carry himself/herself as a true embodiment of fitness. Your trainer can truly inspire you!