Hemp Protein Ice Cream – Nicecream

Hemp Protein Ice Cream – Nicecream. This Hemp Protein Ice Cream is a powerhouse of protein in a bowl. Rich and nutty and has a great flavour! A fantastic guilt-free, dairy-free dessert. Let’s get cooking!


200 g organic soy milk
50 g banana
1 tbsp. stevia
20 ml coconut milk
120 g frozen strawberries
10 g hemp protein
1 tsp. cinnamon


This recipe requires a food processor – just a blender will unfortunately not be powerful enough to ground the frozen strawberries almost to the consistency of flour. First add soy milk, then coconut milk and the rest of the ingredients to the processor – continue processing the ingredients until you’ve achieved a sorbet-like consistency (which will not take too long if you’re working with a great food processor).
Place the mix in dessert bowls and decorate with mint leaves to surprise your loved ones!