Healthy Chickpea Patties/Cutlets

Healthy and protein packed snack chickpea patties/cutlets. Chick pea patties /cutlets are a great alternative to traditional cutlets – they’re hearty enough for lunch, and healthy because of the nutritional value of the chick peas. Because the peas need to be soaked, you’ll have to prepare them the day before. Other than that, this recipe does not require a lot of time.


2 cups of boiled chick peas
1 cup of rice flour
1 onion
grape seed oil
1 tbsp. potato starch
1/2 bell pepper
~1 cup of organic soy milk


Place the chick peas in water the previous night – after boiling them the next morning, you are good to go.
In a pan, cook finely chopped onion with some grape seed oil. Blend the boiled chick peas, adding the potato starch, four and soy milk. Blend the ingredients until you’re achieved a mass that would be suitable for forming the cutlets. Add bell pepper, the cooked onion and some dill, and keep blending a bit more.
Then form small cakes/cutlets and cook in a bit of grape seed oil. These taste great alone or with a bit of salad.