Gluten-Free Millet Bread Recipe

Gluten-Free Millet Bread Recipe – healthy plant-based gluten free millet bread. You can add dried fruits for example raisins to give more sweetness. Simple to make!


300 g millet (I used the processed kind made for porridge)
400 g soy milk
160 g banana
60 g brown rice syrup
4 tsp. baking powder
60 g “Femi soya” soy powder

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees (Celsius). Mash the banana and mix it with the rice syrup. Mix the millet with the baking powder and soy powder. Add milk, as well as the rice syrup and banana mix. Once you’ve achieved a uniform consistency, lay parchment paper (mandatory!) in a baking mold (mine has a rectangular form) and pour the mass inside. Bake in 180 degrees (Celsius) for about 30 minutes.
This is a very simple and quick recipe, and this is a great and sweet substitute to traditional bread. Cut a slice, spread over some peanut butter and voilà – you’re got a nice snack! Bon appétit!