What is Fiber: Why We Need It?

What is Fiber and why We Need It?
Let’s talk about fiber! This article explains what fiber is, why we need it and where we could get from.

Many of you may already know what fiber is, and that this substance is essential, but every once in a while I meet people who have no idea. That is why in this article I will try to explain fiber as simple as possible.

Fiber (ballast substance) is a nutrient that is not dissolved in the digestive process, and after passing through the digestive cycle gets expelled from the body. So, fiber is essential to the digestive process and promotes normal and regular bowel movement. This truly deserves a lot of attention – women who mostly sit during their workday often suffer from constipation; first of all, they do not get enough physical activity, and second of all, do not consume enough fiber.

What else should you know about fiber?

There are water-soluble and non-water soluble fibers.

Water-soluble fiber creates a sticky, gel-like substance within the body. Their function is lowering the cholesterol levels, regulating the glucose levels, and reducing the risk of developing intestinal ulcers. Water-soluble fiber is found in oat flakes, nuts, berries, chick peas, white, black, etc. coffee beans, avocado, etc.

Non-water soluble fiber is the one responsible for moving food along the digestive tract and promoting bowel movement. It is found most in products, such as bran, coconut flakes, hemp protein, vegetables and fruit.
It is important to understand that there is no dividing line between products containing water-soluble and non-water soluble fiber, as many foods (for instance, avocado or chia seeds) contain both types of fiber. The most important thing to focus on is having a fiber source in your diet.

Weight loss!

Fiber consumption can definitely help losing excess weight. How? Fiber promotes the metabolism, which also means regulating the bowel movement. Try to follow up on your fiber consumption – eat more vegetables and grains; for instance, make oatmeal porridge for breakfast, pouring over water (not milk!) and adding raisins. For lunch, choose beans and a big plate of vegetables, and have fruit for dessert. In addition, drink a lot of water! Fiber is an essential component in determining why there is something wrong with your bowel movement, why are you gaining more weigh, etc.

How much fiber should I consume daily?

The daily recommended dose of fiber for both men and women is at least 20 – 40 grams (no matter the type of fiber).

An example of daily product choices for optimal fiber consumption:

1. 100 g wholegrain oat flakes – 2.8 grams of fiber
2. 10 g bran (added to yoghurt, for instance)– 3.9 grams of fiber
3. 15 g (2 tbsp.) coconut flakes – 1 gram of fiber
4. 100 g non-boiled beans – 15 grams of fiber
5. 200 g tomatoes – 2.4 grams of fiber
6. 100 g carrots – 2.8 grams of fiber

The total amount of fiber in the mentioned products is 27.9 grams. I hope I gave some answers 🙂

Which products do not contain any fiber?
There is no fiber in meat, fish and dairy.

If you have any other questions, let me hear them in the comments below!