Carob Powder: the best alternative to chocolate

Carob Powder: the best alternative to chocolate. What is carob powder and how to cook with it?

Carob powder is derived from carob beans that grow in carob trees, which are evergreen.

Carob powder has a great chocolaty and nutty taste. It is most commonly used in natural chocolate, dessert (pastry, ice cream, cookies, pudding, candies and cakes) recipes. You can also use this powder for making drinks and cocktails, since carob powder dissolves in both hot and cold water. However, carob powder is mainly used as an alternative to cacao because it does not contain any caffeine and has a lower fat content.

Carob powder is also sweeter than cacao, which is why you’ll need less sugar or other kinds of sweeteners in your recipes.
In contrast to cacao, carob powder contains protein, as well as 14 times less fat. This powder is rich in fiber and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and even vitamin D. It does not contain any cholesterol; on the contrary – it contains an element called pectin that lowers the blood cholesterol levels. Carob powder is a great source of minerals since it contains potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and calcium (3 times more than cacao). Because of the high levels of calcium, the consumption of carob powder is recommended for osteoporosis patients for strengthening the bones. Carob powder is also used as metabolism stimulant, and it has a positive effect on bowel movements. Furthermore, the elements in the carob powder act as antioxidants, which help neutralize the effects of free radicals on the body. In contrast to cacao powder, carob powder does not contain any caffeine. Because of the mentioned characteristics, carob powder has a very wide range of use.

My tips for use- add this powder to porridge, pre- or post-workout cocktails, sweet dessert recipes, bread, or just sprinkle the powder over some fruit. I definitely recommend giving this powder a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste!

Nutritional facts:

100 g – Kcal 293, Protein – 5.4, Carbs – 50 g, Fat – 0.3