Calculate Your Optimal Daily Calorie Intake! 

What should my daily intake of calories be? Calculate Your Optimal Daily Calorie Intake! 
How to measure and monitor your optimal daily calorie intake?

For each individual the daily recommended calorie intake differs slightly because this value depends on several factors.

Your daily recommended calorie intake is influenced by these factors:
• Age and height measurements;
• Frequency of physical activity;
• Your goal.

All clear about the first point (age and height). Then, the second point – the more physical activity, the more calories we need to consume. And number three, your goal: unless you wish to maintain your current shape, subtract 15-25% of your recommended calorie intake calculation to lose weight. Continue with the same daily amount of calories until you’ve achieved you ideal weight.

How to measure your optimal daily calorie intake?
First, calculate your basal metabolic rate, and multiply the result with your physical activity factor (this value depends on the frequency of physical activity).

BMR (basal metabolic rate):

  • W – weight (kg) 
  • H- height (cm) 
  • A – age

The formula:
For men

BMR= 66,47 + (13,75 x W) + (5,0 x H) – (6,75 x A)

For women

BMR= 665,09 +(9,56 x W) + (1,84 x H) – (4,67 x A)

The physical activity factor – multiply your end result by:
• 1,2 if you have very little physical activity (easy housework, walks, etc.)
• 1,375 if your physical activity is a bit more intense, for instance, at-home workouts, slow jogs once a week, etc.
• 1,55 if you do sports regularly 3-5 times per week
• 1,725 if you have intense workouts 6-7 times per week.
Finally, you’ll achieve a number that represents your daily recommended calorie intake for maintaining the same weight.

In order to lose weight, subtract 500 calories from your end result. For instance, according to your calculations your basal metabolic rate is 1600 calories, multiplied by you physical activity factor which is 1,55, and you have arrived to 2480 calories per day. So, if you would like to lose some weight, subtract 500 calories, which amounts to a total daily calorie intake of 1980 calories.

! This is just an example!

Source: Amirnalali, Baharch et al. “Comparison of Harris Benedict and Mifflin-ST Jeor equations with indirect calorimetry in evaluating resting energy expenditure” Indian Journal of Medical Sciences