Blueberry Kale Smoothie

Blueberry Kale Smoothie – this smoothie contains ingredients you probably already have available in your kitchen – blueberries and kale leaves. It’s healthy and oh so green!
Let’s eat as much natural vitamins as possible during the summer season!


15 g hemp protein
100 g blueberries
150 g eco soy milk
100 ml water
15 g or 1 kale leaf
30 g banana

Blend the ingredients and you’re done!
Here’s more information about the kale leaves:
Kale is a vegetable, essentially a type of cabbage that grows similarly to lettuce, even though it does not grow a “head” like the common lettuce does. I personally don’t use kale in salads because it’s harder to chew, which is why I have grown to love adding kale to cocktail and smoothie recipes. You can, however, add kale to salads after chopping it up in very small pieces.
Kale contains a lot of iron, calcium, antioxidants, vitamins K, A and C, as well as fiber.

Nutritional facts per 1 serving:

Calories: 249 kcal, protein -11, carbohydrates -42, fat -4