Banana & Hemp Protein Bread

Banana & Hemp Protein Bread. This hemp protein bread recipe is a great alternative to traditional bread. Banana & Hemp Protein bread contains a lot of protein and is a fantastic way to start the day or even have as a mid-afternoon snack! It’s a great treat that’s easy to make as well.


300 g wholegrain oat flakes
50 g hemp protein
10 g baking powder
400 ml hazelnut milk
385 g bananas (3 mid-sized bananas)
15 g cocoa powder


First ground up the oat flakes, then add baking powder, hemp protein and cocoa powder (basically mix all of the dry ingredients). Then, add the milk and mix the dough. While waiting for the oat flakes to rise, add bananas to a blender, and add then to the dough. Pre-heat the oven to 180-190 degrees (Celsius); lay parchment paper in a cooking tray and pour in the dough, creating an even form. You can place some peanuts on top.
Bake for about 30-40 minutes. Then let the protein bread cool down, and cut it in slices. Spread with some peanut butter and enjoy!

Nutritional facts per 100 grams (excluding peanut butter):

Kcal – 142, Protein -5.6 g, Carbs -23 g, Fat -2,5