10 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body

10 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body

Getting ready for the bikini season: 10 tips for getting your body bikini-ready.

1. More movement! It’s spring, it’s warm and sunny, so why not wake up a bit earlier and walk to work? How about cycling to work? I once read in a magazine something that has stuck with me ever since – if you live too far away from work to go by foot, when commuting exit one or two stops from work. And, on a daily basis this means extra calories burned every day!

2. Exercise outdoors! Spring is the time when nature comes alive, and people come alive with it. That is why I recommend in fresh air outdoors as frequently as possible. If you’re new to exercising you can start slowly with jogging.  Only 30 minute jog in the morning and evening is sure to raise your spirits!

3. An intense 15-minute workout! If by some reason you cannot make it to the gym, I suggest exercising at home. Just 15 minutes of exercising can give a worthwhile result!
Intense 15-minute workout:
20 x Squats
20 x Push-ups
20 x Jumping Jacks
50 x Abs Crunches
Repeat each exercise 4 times.

4. Start your day with lemon water and a cup of green tea! Lemon water will clean insides and wake up the body. Green tea, on the other hand, will promote metabolism and boost your energy levels!

5. Change your diet! The bikini season is almost here, so make the necessary change and avoid pre-packaged foods, junk food, cakes and sweetened drinks until you have reached your fitness goals. If you really want to have great results in 2 months, avoid all ‘ready-made’ foods, including candy bars, sweetened yogurt and all types of creams, spreads, pre-packaged pancakes and salads, sausages, rolls, etc. These products contain a lot of carbohydrates, which are made up of sugar; they also contain a lot of salt, which might not be too god for you (salt flows down the metabolism, increases blood pressure, etc.), and, of course, preservatives (E).

6. Avoid alcohol! State yourself a goal to avoid strong, as well as light alcoholic drinks (for instance, wine) until the bikini season. Pay special attention to this rule if you are overweight – wine as an especially negative impact on women as it slows down the metabolism, which causes fat and water to be stored in the body – all of this results in “loose” areas and cellulite in the upper thighs, as well as the triceps area; not to mention the hormonal imbalance caused by excess fat in women’s problem areas.

7. Have a balanced diet! If you want to have noticeable results within 2 months, do not exaggerate with the consumption of carbs, and remember to have enough protein and fat. For optimum effect, avoid pasta, read (white bread) as much as possible. If you cannot avoid these products, search for wholegrain options.

8. Drink 2 liters of water every day! Water is incredibly important in keeping the body functioning – it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and flushes out the toxins. It is especially important to drink water during physical activity. A dry mouth indicates dehydration, which causes your body capacity to drop and as a result you cannot exercise to your full potential. If it’s difficult for you to calculate how much water you have consumed during the day, just remember to always drink a glass of water before and after every meal (4 meals = 8 glasses = 2 liters of water).

9. Have fruit and carbs during the first half of the day! Choose fruit low in carbohydrates, for instance oranges and kiwi, but leave apples and bananas for a special occasion. If is also important to pack up of carbs after a workout, so if you’ve been working out in the evening it is best to carb up by consuming vegetables, either fresh or steamed.

10. Competition! My motivation to keep moving and keeping myself in shape isn’t just the fact that I love to live an active lifestyle. It’s also the fact that I take part in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, which require a 2-3 month preparation. Set a goal for yourself, and it will be easier to get the results! Start slowly, for instance, set a goal of losing 2 kg within a month or fit in your new dress. Maybe you have a friend with a similar plan? Don’t be shy and tell other about your goals – sometimes others can help you more then you can imagine. And, once you’ve told everybody about your goal, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them, so you’ll have an even bigger motivation to succeed!