Spiced Turmeric Latte Recipe

Spiced Turmeric Latte Recipe – Anti-Inflammatory Drink That Boosts Your Immune System.

How to make super-healthy, anti-inflammatory and tasty turmeric latte? You won’t need to buy the special spice mix because this recipe can be made at home, as long as you have all the ingredients. Of course if you’re not in love with the taste you can sneak turmeric into your diet with turmeric supplements.

So, what can each of the ingredients do for you?

Turmeric is a root of the ginger family that can be bought in powder form. It is the most potent natural anti-inflammatory remedy (kills the bad bacteria), cleanses the body and releases the toxins.

Ceylon cinnamon is a spice harvested from a tree of the laurel family. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial treatment and boosts the metabolism (helps combat excess weight).

Black pepper – a fruit harvested from a tree, which turns green when ripe. When dried, however, the fruit turns black. This is the most popular spice used for cooking. It helps release the toxins and improves digestion.

This combination of spices – turmeric, ginger and black pepper – is recommended to consume with oil every other day for people who suffer from any kind of inflammatory process in their body, such as arthritis, tumors, etc. But why this exact combination?
Because scientific research has proven that without mixing turmeric, black pepper (specifically this kind) and ginger, the turmeric cannot penetrate the intestinal wall. Thus, mixing the ingredients increases the turmeric absorption capacity by 2000%.
So, to make this drink you’ll need 4 ingredients and I recommend buying each of them separately – that way you’ll still be able to add the leftovers to other meals.


1/3 tbsp. turmeric (organic)
1/3 tbsp. Ceylon cinnamon (organic)
a sprinkle of ground black pepper (I turned the pepper grinder twice) (organic)
1/4 ginger powder (organic)
200 ml soy milk (you can either use the vanilla flavored one or add 1/3 tbsp. of sweet syrup)

I only used organic ingredients for this recipe. In my experience, organic spices are more aromatic and do not contain dangerous chemicals.


Pour the soy milk in a kettle, add all of the spices and heat almost to a boil. You can pour the liquid in a blender to make it foam, or you can use a hand blender to foam the drink in the kettle (caution – hot kettle!). If the drink isn’t too hot, you can also use a shaker. The drink is spicy, but tasty and healthy!
If the taste is too spicy, add less spices; because the spices do not dissolve, you can add the leftover spices to a new batch of soy milk.