Weight Loss Online Boot Camp No 17

Starts November 21st
Ends December 18th



Plantbasedshape.com Weight Loss Online Boot Camp Is Coming Again! 28 days eating vegetarian or plant based – it’s up to you! What’s the difference between vegetarian and plant based diet? Vegetarians don’t eat meat, fish and eggs but consume dairy products. Plant based eating focus on foods only from plants (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, beans etc.).

28 days of easy-to-make recipes and helpful meal-prep tips. This healthy and delicious meal plan will help you get your diet on track without feeling hungry and will set you up for weight-loss success.

This Weight Loss Boot Camp already works for more than 4 years in my country where I come from – Latvia and has changed so many people lives!

During these 4 years I have optimized this program based on client’s feedback so that clients could achieve the best results by losing weight and improving health. On average of 30% of clients continue to participate in the Boot Camp for several months in a row (either people want to lose even more weight or they want to keep eating healthy) or they return after several months to get back on track and this is a real fact – statistics from Latvia.

It’s not a secret that everyone has a question about how much weight they can lose during this challenge – statistics show that it’s about 8 to 10% of current weight (if you are overweight) – there is no magic or unrealistic promises – only real data from the challenges in Latvia.

Now I’m ready to offer my successful online boot camps worldwide and offer to you this useful Challenge! I’m happy that you’re here – in the right time and the right place!

What you will get:

  • Detox Days Plan (we will start the Challenge with 3 detox days)
  • Weekly Nutrition Plans
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes
  • Access to a closed Facebook group (for support and daily motivation)

Yes, I will set up a private Facebook group for everyone who will be following the program, like-minded people that are in the same situation as you. There you will be welcome to share your journey on a day to day basis if you wish – your food pictures, your feelings etc.

Each Saturday I will publish a new Nutrition Plan as well as a Shopping List for the next week so you can buy the products on time.

So – why don’t you get HEALTHIER and LOSE BODY FAT in only 28 days…?!

Fill in and submit the application form below!

Starts November 1st
Ends December 18th
After receiving your Application I will send you payment request to your PayPal account.


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