Healthy Coconut Bounty Bars

Healthy Coconut Bounty Bars. These little bars make great gifts, snacks and/or desserts.

Almost all of us have a sweet tooth, and it’s okay to occasionally eat some. However, the store-bought candy is usually not the healthiest choice. In this article I’ll share with you my “Bounty” / Coconut bar recipe. Here I’ve added carob powder which is a much healthier and nutrient-rich chocolate substitute. These coconut bars are a great breakfast snack with coffee, as well as a healthy sweet that your kids will love as well. This recipe is oh so simple. Enjoy!


50g sweetened, shredded coconut (the ones I had at home were sweetened, but you can also use unsweetened ones)
50g coconut milk


20g carob powder
(approx.) 20g water


In a bowl, mix the coconut milk and flakes in a mass. Using your hands, shape the mass in a candy-like shape – either roll it into tiny balls, or make a shape of your choice. Place them in the fridge and leave to harden. To speed up the process, you can also put them in the freezer. Meanwhile, mix the carob powder with water to achieve an even, somewhat thick mass. Take the ready, cooled coconut mixture and pour over the carob-water mix. Place in fridge to harden again. And voilà – your healthy sweets are ready!

Nutritional facts per 100g:

278 kcal, carbohydrates 29g, fat 18g, protein 3g